About Us

Inspired by the thrill of finding high-quality children's clothing at amazing prices, RePlay Kidswear makes buying your favorite brands of preloved kids' apparel easy, fun, and convenient.

We do the sifting, sorting, cleaning, and curating, so that all you have to do is browse, purchase, and receive. So much easier than sorting through the thrift shop racks!


  • COLORFUL: Bright, cheerful styles, with some all-important neutrals mixed in.
  • COMFORTABLE: Clothing that moves and breathes with your little ones. Kids are made to play, and their clothing should be able to keep up.
  • CLASSIC: Styles that stand the test of time, from basics to special occasion pieces.

Interested in selling to us?

If you're in the Western Massachusetts region, find out about our current buying status on our Selling page.